Maison & Objet 2016 – favourite decor and furniture finds

This year has started off on an amazingly inspirational note for me, as I was able to visit Paris’s Maison & Objet show for the first time, for an eye-popping yet design- appetite satisfying two full days.  What’s it like?  In one word: Massive.  Seven halls the size of a Toronto design show (for example) of companies, designers and artisans organized by themes such as: Actuel (contemporary, would be the “translation”), Elegant (of period and/or very traditional), Cosy (focusing on soft furnishings, drapery, feminine, casual, resort & cottage), Eclectic (artisan, hand-made, unique).


My very favourite space by Imperfetto Lab

My absolute favourite space:

Personally, what I was looking forward to the most,  were the lengths gone through to put together incredible show-booths and displays.  Of course, seeing the latest in interior design trends from companies all over the world was well received as well. Here are most, not all, of my favourite booths, products, fabrics from Maison & Objet 2016.


Stunning room vignettes


Not at all my style, but nonetheless a stunning vignette by

Not at all my style, but nonetheless a fabulous vignette by




More on the deep blue theme… If I had an opportunity to design a late night lounge, bar, this would be it.  Warm metals and jewel tones  will always go well together like gin and good olives.




Spot David Bowie! Some of the gutsiest interiors by German, lot’s of fun.



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Visually rich, incredibly layered vignettes by a purveyor of curiosity objects.


 For our architect friends and colleagues:



A palace of paper seating, walls, lighting & columns, designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen for Canadian



Interior and exterior lighting designs

As expected a vast array of lighting products from all over the world.  From minimal Scandinavian, retro-inspired & funky,   to conceptual and space-defining such as the stellar wall piece seen in the first photo by Imperfetto Lab, unsurprisingly from Italy.




mo16 maisonobjet blackbodyoled interior design

Just a snippet of a spectacular showing by, designers and manufacturers of conceptual lighting products


Soft furnishings, drapery, fabrics


Most drapery companies were in the area of the show dubbed “Cozy”, which featured furnishings largely for casual-traditional, cottage and beach home styles.  Must admit that I was quite surprised by the number of very simple ribbon ties and tab-tops on display.  More contemporary and modern window covering treatments, such as the ripple-fold style were typically seen in booths designed by Italian, Portugese and Spanish home decor companies.





Last, but not least – Eugeni Quitllet, Designer of the Year


This Ibiza-born self-proclaimed grew up in Barcelona,  which is where he is currently working and living.  I would say his work does exude that glorious architectural concoction of organic Gaudi and modernist Mies van der Rohe they are lucky to enjoy in Barcelona.



Designer of the year Eugeni Quitllet (photo by MO16)